Rich cash capability

The BT Cash Management Account is at the core of BT Panorama Investments and is the cash account through which your clients can invest, make payments and receive income. Here you’ll find information that explains the features and benefits of the solution. An in-built transactional cash account is at the core of BT Panorama Super.

Going for growth

With Panorama’s range of term deposits you can choose from a selection of interest payment maturity options. With 24 hour access, monitoring your individual investments is easy. With no establishment or administration fees and automatic alerts to keep you updated – a simple online application is all it takes.

Spend more time with your clients and less on managing administration

Here you’ll find a range of videos and guides that will illustrate the benefits of the managed accounts solution, and details on how it can help you streamline your business efficiency, allowing you to spend more time with your clients and less on managing administration.

Effortless investing

A convenient way to invest. Easily trade 470 managed funds, from more than 100 leading fund managers. Choose from a wide range of investment styles and asset classes through diversified, sector and specialist funds with ease. Plus there’s no transaction fees.*

*A buy/sell spread is charged by the product issuer

Easier. Smarter. Efficient.

Buy and sell ASX listed securities, including ETFs and hybrids, with fast and efficient trading capabilities, timely and tailored updates through our Market Information Dashboard, and online corporate actions – all in the one place.

Collaborate here

Now you access the BT Panorama Investment offer for your SMSF clients. BT Panorama offers a flexible SMSF solution that complements your business, lets you integrate external assets and provide accountants with real time access to relevant client information.

When we know better, we have the power to do better.

A critical factor in the financial performance of investments is the ability to identify drivers of the expected risk and return of investments. The more you know, the more rewarding investing can be.

Sustainability scoring on BT Panorama is an additional tool that allows you to access further information on listed companies and managed funds in relation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. All designed to provide you with deeper research and greater insight.

Interactive sessions to help you make the most of Panorama

Our training webinars will help you quickly and easily understand BT Panorama’s integrated investment and SMSF solution, as well as experience the benefits of Panorama’s intuitive, intelligent and flexible design.

Register now to participate in any of our upcoming sessions from the convenience of your own desk.

Tools and resources to help with financial year end

We know the end of financial year is a busy time for advisers and clients. Panorama has a suite of tools and resources to help you prepare. 

If you have any questions, please contact the BT Panorama Support Team on 1300 784 207.